my work studio in central phoenix.
last updated 1/13/02

Note: I'm moving from this location to a loft in May 2003. 
Photos of loft


this piece is called men on forks.  makes little sense. 
a good reminder that juxtapositioning is everything.
by an arizona artist.  10 feet wide.  big piece.
furniture from bo concept (denmark)

a helpful reminder of humanness. 
by david carmack lewis (oregon)

living room/dining area shot.  that's fringe before his haircut.

my fav glass table from ligne roset (france). don't spill.

hey, it's my table top christmas tree poinsettia!


the work space. yep, it's clean.  art has been hung since pix taken.

what world headquarters of doesn't have a map of such? 
blue dots in countries in which we have members.  140 to go...

my project wall.  projects, lots of projects.


way comfy bed.  flannel sheets.  bed from bo concept
(the right lamps are ordered; the art is being reframed.).


what i see when i wake up in the morning at
foot of bed..  quebec artist.
colors are more vibrant than visible here. large piece.

chair is coming for outside patio on tuesday!